Stories that Sell

This 3 day masterclass recording will teach you how to utilize Instagram stories (& close friends list) to drive sales in your business


This masterclass is perfect for service based businesses and coaches who are wanting to learn how to...

  1. Increase sales
  2. Start selling
  3. Sell consistently (without being salesy)
  4. Ditch the complicated sales funnels and use one of the best tools in the online space to bring in $$$

This masterclass is the best masterclass I have ran yet! It is TRANSFORMATIONAL!! Stories bring in, on average, around 80% of the income in my business and are a HUGE piece of my marketing and sales strategy. Through these trainings you will learn not only how to sell on stories but how to become more confident selling, the strategy to story selling, sell in different ways, and tasks that you can do daily, weekly, and monthly to continue to engage viewers. On top of that you will also learn how to create energy and excitement with your stories.

***These calls are recordings of live trainings


If you have any questions please let me know! [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

I wasn't gonna sell on my stories yesterday because I felt annoying but then I thought about everything from the stories that sell masterclass and did it anyways and we made two sales🥳 Thank you for all your help🫶🏻


I must say I only caught up on Day 1+2 but the energy part but SUCH a big mindset shift for me. I haven’t showed up on my stories because of my lack of energy. Now I’m so aware of what I need to do for myself to have more energy in order to show up as my best self. Thank you Mya Gilleland 🫶🏼 so grateful for you! I just uploaded my close friends list poll and this already gives me so much energy. Can’t wait now to post intentional and help those on my close friends list even more 😊👏🏼

Mai Waifer

Hey Mya, I was in the "Stories that sell" masterclass and my mind is blown. So much great info and mindset lessons. Couldn't have made a better investment :)

Mya, you unlocked something inside of me through stories that sell masterclass. We've already made a few thousand dollars from our BF pre-sale in less than 24 hours. I went from selling/pitching our product maybe once or twice a month to being an absolute marketing menace. I can't shut it off. My brain is constantly thinking of ways to sell. I'm a little afraid of how addicting it is. The best part is it's truly helping them. The amount of messages and support I get from them has been incredibly validating. It feels like they've been waiting for me to get my act together. Anyways, had to jump in here and let you know how much we appreciate the resources you put out. Thank you.


I also wanted to tell you that I implemented some of your ideas from the STS masterclass for sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and was able to make a total of $1075!! This is so huge and I'm so grateful to you.


Omg and also, stories that sell basically changed my life. Honestly I still have to watch part 3 (and the launch bundle which I can't wait to dive into!!) but I've been promoting my in person classes on there so much more consistently and it has been SOOOO successful!!!! You are such a wealth of knowledge. I'm so happy I found you!!!


After watching your Stories That Sell masterclass and implementing what I learned, I was able to book 2/5 spots for a brand new offer and brought in 12+ hot leads in just 4 days!!!


Mya! I also purchased your Masterclass Bundle. It's incredible! Already almost through Stories That Sell. So much value! I can't wait to dive into the other classes. You are the perfect blend of practical info and the importance of energy. Thank you!!


I haven't made a sale from what I've promoted yet but I've had way more inquiries and I sold 1:1 things on the back of plugging and selling on stories


Rewatching Stories that Sell Day 1! I could've sworn I watched it already, but I guess I didn't finish it or I wasn't listening intently, but now, my mind is blown! I've been having such a hard time selling on stories and now seeing that you share 10 different types of Stories to post. Thank you!!! I can't wait to start creating and selling!


Wanted to reach out and tell you that I purchased your Black Friday bundle. Watched day 1 of stories that sell and got the highest story views on a story that's still growing strong with 7 hours still left on it. These numbers are double than what I normally get. Thank you so much!


I recently joined Stories that Sell, and just got done with Day 1 Masterclass. I absolutely love your mindset, Mya and your content really resonated with me. I’m also loving the detail you’re going into… and can’t wait to dive into Day 2 and 3.

Hi Mya! So I loved Stories that Sell! It honestly was the most informative course that I've bought from you


I purchased your selling in stories masterclass and it's been so FIRE and eye opening!


I know that we still have day 3 but I have to tell you that stories that sell is the best masterclass you did! There's so much value in this and I feel so inspired! Learning from your experience is so great! But getting a sneak peek to your mind set and how you approach your business and yourself that's worth a lot!!! Thank you for doing this masterclass!!


Telling my friends about the stories that sell master class so had to come here and message you! It's literally been a game changer so far AND we still have 1 day to go!!! I just feel like I have so much clarity and so much confidence stepping into my stories. Thank you for sharing what you know xx


Loved today's Masterclass, I'm now watching a second time through.

Samaya Laat

Re-watching the live here. Your first disclaimer alone made this entire package worth it! Such great advice - follow your intuition.

Anita Garcia

This was, in my opinion, your most valuable masterclass yet!


I have purchased almost every one of your offers and they're all amazing. BUT, I took 4 pages of notes just on the first call. SUCH GREAT info!


I was feeling down about sales. And I decided to go back and listened to the trainings for STS. Oh boy!!! Not only I got the energy because of the mindset shift you provided, I have so much more creativity going in my mind how I can make selling so much better on my stories. Thank you!

$300.00 USD

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Add on The Launch Bundle for an additional $250

(normally $300)

Recording of 3 masterclasses

What you will learn:

-how to beta launch an offer

-different phases of launching + how long they should be

-how to price your offer during a launch

-how to market your offer during a launch